Warren Racked And Gang Tickled

Sexy and cute Asian tickle toy boy Warren returns to Laughing Asians to get tickled on our new bondage rack. The room is full of kinky horny twinks who get off on tickling.

They start out taking turns with some one on one tickle fun. First up is Benjamin. Benjamin warms him up with some light feather and finger tickling. Warren tries to hold back, but as soon as Ben tickles his armpits, Warren burst out in wonderful laughter. Then he introduces our brand new “Tiger Paw Tickler”! It’s a vibrating massage device with a tickle attachment!

Next up is our new hottie Willie-boy. Willy-Boy gets Warren to hysterics with armpit tickling and expert rib tickling.

Then the whole gang attacks and sends Warren into utter tickle utopia. Ricky is tickling his feet, Ben is working his armpits, and Willy is poking and prodding his ribs.

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Laughing Asians Tickling & Foot Fetish