Ticklish Gym Buddy

Gym buddy gets his male feet tickled while restrained to the gym equipmentBoyTickle.com – Ricky and Vahn are working out on their new home gym equipment. Vahn is new to gym workouts, so Ricky is offering some valuable guidance and training. But Ricky has an alterior motive. Ricky loves tickling male feet, so he tricks his cute Asian boy gym buddy by making up a routine that requires his legs to be restrained to the leg lift. Ricky gets the cling wrap and secures Vahn’s legs to the leg lift nice and tight so he can’t budge. Then he adjusts the weights so that it’s way too heavy for Vahn to push down.

Once Vahn says it’s too heavy, Ricky says, “I have a way to help you push harder”. He begins to unlace Vahn’s white Nike sneakers to Vahn’s surprise. “Hey why are you taking my shoes off?” asks Vahn. And Ricky pulls off his shoe to reveal his white socks foot, and rakes his fingers up his sole, making Vahn jerk against the restraint. Ricky proceeds to scribble his fingers up and down his socked foot. Vahn giggles and pleads, asking “Is this part of the routine?”. Ricky then peels off his white sock slowly while tickling his heel and up his bare sole as he lifts the sock off.

The most fantastic male foot tickling ensues. Ricky pulls off the other shoe and sock and Ricky begins teasingly and delicately scribbling his fingernails all over Vahn’s smooth sensitive soles. Vahn’s feet flail about wildly, laughing and struggling against the cling wrap. Ricky ties his arms above his head and tickles the hell out of his armpits, driving Vahn buggy with non-stop tickling and hysterical laughter. Ricky has a field day tickling his gym buddy’s feet, driving him insane with laughter.

Laughing Asians Male Feet & Tickling Fetish