Tickling Gives Asian Boy Hard Dick

Tickling Coco was incredible! Coco is a cute Asian boy who was made for Laughing Asians. When you tie him down and tickle his feet, he gets a hard on!  He sports a rock-hard boner nearly the whole time we were tickling his soft smooth Asian boy feet.

While Ricky was tickling his feet, he catches his breath and says, “MORE!”. ┬áRicky was happy to tickle that boy’s feet more, and he oils up the other sole and starts tickling the hell out of his foot. The end of this video is the clencher. We release him from bondage, while me and Ricky each have one of his feet in our laps, we tickle his feet, while he laughs and strokes his boner. SUPER HOT!

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Laughing Asians Tickling & Foot Fetish