Str8 Asian Guy Is Feather Ticklish

Vahn and Ricky put this super cute Asian guy through tickle hell while they had him strapped down on the tickling rack. Handsome str8 Asian boy Derik turned out to be extremely ticklish. So much so that he kept breaking free from his bondage!

But that didn’t stop us from strapping him back down tighter and continuing with tickling this hot guy’s feet and naked body. Vahn uses the feather sticks on his ticklish feet and naked body, which drives him crazy with ticklish laughter and jerking about.

Then Ricky comes in and with his lightning fast flickering fingers at just the right pressure and speed, sends Derik into convulsions of ticklishness. Derik seemed to have an extreme tickle spot on the outer thighs and crotch.

When Ricky found how ticklish he was there, well you know what that did, it put Ricky into his sadistic tickle trance and there was no stopping him! He tickled and tickled until poor hottie Derik was completely spent.

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