Rave On The Rack

Slim cute Asian twink “Rave” joins our family of Laughing Asians tickle boys. This young ticklish twink tried to rate himself a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10 of how ticklish he is. Maybe he thought 1 was most ticklish and 10 was least ticklish. Because on my scale he was at least a 9!

Vahn strapped him down on the tickling torture rack to prove him wrong. And he was way wrong! This cute Asian boy had a fantastic laugh, and as you know, that just excites a tickler’s fingers to work harder! Rave has very ticklish male feet, and Vahn drives him to hysterics with rapid feather flickering up and down his ticklish soles. Vahn keeps him laughing hard with armpit tickling, which seemed to be his most ticklish spot. Rave is an exciting and fun ticklee, and we’ll surely have him back for more!Laughing Asians foot tickle fetish