Male Foot Tickling Expert Danilo

Male foot tickling can be a challenge. If you are not into the tickle fetish scene, trying to get a guy to react to your foot tickling can be difficult. Most male foot tickling ends up a great big boring mess because the foot tickler just doesn’t know how to tickle male feet.

But that is not the case with Danilo. Danilo seems to have a natural male foot tickling ability. He knows how to rapidly slide his fingers rapidly on just the right spots on the male soles. Danilo exhibits an intuitive talent for making the cute Asian boy giggle, beg, and laugh from his male foot tickling.

He has Gilbert tied down and sadistically inflicts tickle torture all over his victim’s bare skin. He knows his most ticklish spots, and attacks them with relish. Gilbert screams and laughs and pulls against his bondage but can only take the ticklish poking and male foot tickling until it stops.

Ricky joins the male tickling party in the second half of this great video. Gilbert displays instant fear when Ricky taunts him with his flickering fingers. Ricky has tormented Gilbert many times before. So he knows what awaits him when the fingers hit the skin. Ricky starts with armpit tickling. At the same time, Danilo continues delightfully with the male foot tickling on Gil’s ticklish Asian boy feet. Gil continues to blurt out laughter from having his feet tickled by Danilo. And Danilo is loving it. I think he has discovered the joys of our fetish!

Gilbert is always a great victim in our videos. He has been a favorite model for the past 6 years. And he certainly delivers again in “Gitchy Gitchy Gilbert”!

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