Josh’s Tickle Fantasy

Cute Asian boy Josh loves to be tied down and tickled silly. He has a tickle fantasy about being a prisoner in a tickle dungeon, lorded over by a sadistic tickling master.

Today our boy tickler Vahn has stripped Josh naked and tied him down to the tickle torture rack. Vahn is anxious to get his tickling fingers on Josh’s cute smooth ticklish boy soles. The sadistic tickling begins and Vahn drives Josh crazy with tickle torture. Then we get a glimpse into Josh’s mind. Josh is imagining he is in a dungeon with a sadistic dungeon master who gets off on tickling his prisoner’s bare feet, armpits, crotch, and ribs. But he has a magic ability. He summons up his magic animated wriggling flickering feather. Vahn commands and controls the tickle feather with his mind. The feather darts around and tickles all of Josh’s most sensitive spots. Josh is hysterical as the feather flickers about wildly on his ticklish boy feet. What an incredibly erotic scene!

Laughing Asians Male Feet & Tickling Fetish