Franco Pops In For A Tickle

tickle Asian male feetThis cute Asian boy Franco happens to be a neighbor of the studio where we shoot our tickle videos. Franco is a friendly guy who was curious about all the laughter that pours out from our studio.

He popped in to introduce himself as our neighbor and so we invited him in. He mentioned that it sounds like we have regular tickling parties and if so, he would love to join the tickle fun. So of course we invited him upstairs to the tickling room and tied him to the bed.

Franco has really cute Asian male feet, with soft clean soles. I couldn’t wait to see how ticklish his cute feet were. So I unleashed a couple of my Asian tickle boys on him to introduce him to the world of tickle fetish!

We restrained him in bondage spreadeagled with all his clothes and shoes and socks on. We wanted to strip him of his clothes gradually. The Asian tickle boys remove his shoes and tickle his feet with the socks on. Yep! He certainly has ticklish feet! Then they peeled off his socks and the real laughter begins. Such adorable feet and soles!

Laughing Asians foot tickle fetish