Foot Tickling Danilo

Boy Tickle introduces Laughing Asians’ big handsome Asian boy foot tickling expert Danilo. He gets the tables turned on him and becomes the tickle subject for the enjoyment of ticklers Gilbert and Ricky.

Danilo is strapped down spreadeagled on the bed while Gilbert delivers his foot tickling fury back onto Danilo’s cute Asian boy feet. Ricky steps in later and lubes up his soles and really gets Danilo giggling like a school boy. Oh the writhing wiggling helpless ticklish feet!

Danilo now can’t stop laughing because his two tormentors keep up the foot tickling. Danilo’s feet begin to grow tired of wriggling about, and now all he can do is allow Ricky’s and Gil’s fingernails scrape up and down his boy soles and make his legs jerk about.

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