Feet Tickling: Mike And Argie

Feet tickling is what Daddy Mike loves best. And since he’s been behind the camera for so long, he decided he needed to do some feet tickling on this cute Asian boy Argie.

Daddy Mike straps Argie down on the tickle torture rack for a nice long feet tickling session. He did spend some time exploring the rest of his naked bound twink body, but much of the time was spent tickling feet. Mike’s evil devilish grin shows how he’s enjoying the foot tickling. Argie’s male feet are so smooth and soft. Best part of it is they are ticklish male feet!

Mike pokes and prods all over Argie’s sexy twink body. Argie laughs hysterically as the armpit tickling is relentless. Mike moves down to his naked crotch and the tickle torture continues there. Then it’s back to the ticklish male feet. Mike does some feather tickling on his boy soles.

Then it seems Mike can’t stop tickling this poor boy’s feet. Mike is in a frenzy over these smooth boy soles. The foot tickling just goes on and on while Argie can only lay there and laugh.

This video is definitely one of the best feet tickling videos of all time!

(I know, I say that a lot!)