Daddy Leads A Gang Tickle

There’s just nothing like a good gang tickle, wouldn’t you agree? So a few of my cute ticklish Asian twinks and I are together again for an afternoon of Asian boy tickle fetish fun. We have the cute gay Asian boy Lance tied down on the bed spreadeagled.

I went first and spent some one on one tickle torture time with Lance and his super smooth ticklish feet. His Asian boy soles are so very smooth and ticklish. Of course I spent most of my time on male feet tickling on this adorable boy.

I got my foot tickling feathers and I was excited to see his soft soles jump about with every flicker of the feather on his Asian boy feet. After having my delight with him, I called in some more ticklers. Vahn and Argie double team gang tickle him while I watch up close. I join in now and then, instructing them where to tickle and how. Oh what a wild and erotic afternoon of tickle torture this was!

Laughing Asians foot tickle fetish

Daddy's Gang Tickle as Lance gets his feet feathered because he is so ticklish