Chubby Asian Boy Tickled

Chubby Asian Boy tied and tickledChubby Asian boy Julius comes back to the world of tickle fetish for a laughter filled gay tickling experience on our tickle torture rack.

It’s been a few years since we last saw this cute chubby Asian boy and he is still as ticklish as he ever was! He has wonderfully ticklish male feet. So Ricky dished out a nice prolonged foot tickling on his cute Asian boy feet and sensitive soles.

Then we stripped him of the rest of his clothes and enjoyed some naked tickling of this Asian boy cutie. His inner thighs and crotch proved to be extremely ticklish as it made him belt out some devine ticklish laughter. This just fueled Ricky’s need to keep tickling the hell out of this boy! He has a wonderful laugh when Ricky hits those super ticklish spots. My favorite part is when he’s tickling the upper part of his cute boy soles and toes. It really gets him giggling and laughing hysterically like a school boy!

Laughing Asians foot tickle fetish