Asian Boy Tickling: Javey

Brand new gay Asian tickle boy Javey admitted to having very ticklish feet. He’s got such a hot lean toned twink body and cute Asian boy feet, and his feet are as ticklish as the rest of him. I took the first turn tickling him, and he was shy to let out the laughter at first, but his body contortions and struggling as I poked and prodded his ribs and pits told me we would have this cutie laughing soon. Ricky stepped in and immediately tickled the holy living daylights out of him and we enjoyed his cute ticklish laughter for the next 20 minutes!

Asian boy Javey

Tickling Asian boy feet

Javey tied and tickled

Ricky tickling Javey feet

Asian boy feather tickled

Laughing Asians Tickling & Foot Fetish